Loss avoidance

As humans we are hard-wired to avoid loss. There have been many experiments that have shown how we would rather avoid loss than try to win with risk.

This tendency seems to get worse with age. It’s possible it’s because life’s vicissitudes have beset us and thwarted our hopes and dreams. But we internalize these as defense mechanisms and rules. Like a rate which gets its hand shocked we seemingly memorize these shortcuts and avoid any exposure to it.

“Once bitten. Twice Shy”

The unfortunate reality is that the thing that we’re guarding against is unlikely to happen to us. It’s something else out of the blue that gets us. But the lesson we seem to miss is that you can’t intercept life getting you. It gets us in ways we don’t expect. We think it’s the company working  out and then you find out you have cancer. We think it’s getting this relationship right and then something takes us away.

The lesson that helps us is one that just shows us that life can get us and we’re up to the task. We can face the challenges and get through and that we don’t necessarily have to script it all out.

But yet we go back to the armor. To shield ourselves.

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